Vol. 11, No. 2,640 - The American Reporter - May 6, 2005

The Right Side

by William Dipini Jr.
American Reporter Correspondent
The Bronx, N.Y.

THE BRONX, N.Y. -- While Members of Congress lead the fracas over the Schiavo case, China is working diligently and hastily towards becoming the next economic and military superpower - a potential threat to the future of the United States.

China will be a formidable competitor with the United States for oil. China is the world's second largest oil importer and consumes 40 percent of the world's oil production: their top suppliers are from the Middle East. Research analysts predicted that in a few years China's oil consumption will be larger than that of all Europe.

Beijing, cognizant of its impending need for further oil, created a $100 billion program called "Twenty-First Century Oil Strategy" in 2003. Its principal objective is to seek and secure oil markets throughout the world. Thus, Chinese leaders have visited Africa, India, and Latin America (talks with Hugo Chavez, the wannabe Castro, are currently in play) to spark discussion about a China-Latin America oil project.

While Godzilla's communist leaders are avariciously seeking access to oil markets, their regime is relishing a lucrative and astonishing economic boom. China's economy is "expanding three times as fast as the U.S. economy, four times as fast as Europe's and nearly nine times as fast as Japan's," writes Dean Calbreath, staff writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Moreover, he writes, "By 2040 China may have a greater gross domestic product than the United States, giving it the world's No.1 economy. It now ranks at No. 3."

No country, no business, no individual will be investing in our economy - they'll be investing in China. China's cheap labor has impelled countries from the other side of the globe to consider sticking a fork in the Chinese economy and claiming a piece.

For example, the European Union became China's leading trading partner last year - not including the $500 million in weapons sales to China. Britain offered visa service in some provinces in China, becoming the first European country to do so.

Germany and France has been prodding the EU to lift the 1989 arms embargo. And what is even more disturbing is that China became Japan's No.1 trading partner last year - knocking the United States off the chart. What's up with China?

China also seems to be fighting their war on terror against the United States. For example, in the 1990s, China supplied Syria, Libya, and Iran and Iraq with various weapons and weapons systems. China practically built Pakistan's nuclear weapons system and also provided military technology to North Korea (the Chinese penchant for violating American proliferation laws forced our country to impose sanctions on more than 20 Chinese businesses).

Moreover, China has blocked United Nations sanctions against our enemies like Iran with their veto power. Further, Beijing has refused to bolster six-party talks with North Korea and has blocked the United States from imposing U.N. sanctions on Sudan for killing innumerable civilians in Darfur.

Equally important is China's military modernization. China has the largest defense budget in East Asia - one that has grown immensely in recent years. Beijing has made a military buildup its top priority and has performed military exercises with European countries and others throughout the world.

Beijing is testing the United States. It recently enacted an anti-secession law authorizing the use force against Taiwan if ever tries to declare independence. Godzilla passed it despite the United States commitment to protect the Taiwanese people - "Bring it on, America!" the Chinese seemed to say.

I strongly believe that Godzilla's major goal is to become the world's economic and military superpower. The demise of the United States is their primary objective.

Erudite scholars and Washington statesmen may argue that what we are witnessing in China is a sluggish shift from a communist regime to a democracy. But this is absurd considering its human rights abuses, aggression towards Taiwan, and a plethora of other undemocratic deeds.

I bet many Americans would agree that our country's future will be threatened by a flourishing, ambitious, belligerent China. I'm afraid. And I believe the United States must act now.

First, I believe the Bush administration ought to contain China by building military bases in the Asian region. We do have bases in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Japan, but those are not enough. We must build fortified military posts on Guam, in the Sulawesi Island, in Thailand, Malaya, and Sri Lanka, and work more closely with India and Australia.

Critics may argue that the extension of our military is impossible - so let's work on the recruiting process.

Second, the Bush administration ought to increase the velocity of its planned creation of an Asian-based anti-ballistic missile shield (AGM) with help from our Asian allies. This is necessary not to shield ourselves from a potential strike by China - Beijing has a plethora of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ICBMs) ready for take off - but to shield our allies.

Third, the Bush administration must make a cogent case to the international community that China's aggression and human rights abuses cannot be tolerated. The international community ought to investigate human rights abuses and Chinese prisons. And we need to pressure Beijing to sign the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

Next, we must strengthen the code of conduct on arms exports and work with the EU to replace the embargo that they are expected to void in June. We must make sure that China's exports and imports of weapons would not undermine stability in the Taiwan Strait. And we must not spark a confrontation between Beijing and Taipei because it would force the United States to intervene - something we cannot afford to do at the moment.

The Bush Administration must not allow China to enmesh the United States around a ball of thread. We must hastily act against China's expansion and its military buildup before Godzilla achieves an authoritarian global hegemony.

William Dipini Jr. is a government student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and can be reached at _dwilliam718@aol.com_ (mailto:dwilliam718@aol.com).

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