Vol. 12, No. 2,856W - The American Reporter - March 18, 2006

An A.R. Editorial

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Editor-in-Chief
Bradenton, Fla.

The resignation of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is yet another powerful indictment of the "tilt" in U.S. policy in the Middle East that has undermined every effort by Americans to bring peace to the region.

The hypocrisy of seeking peace via policy that favors one party to the violence over the other has emerged as a very deep pothole into which billions of dollars have pointlessly crashed. Just as a bully's pals might separate the bully and his foe in a fist fight but let the bully keep hitting while the foe is restrained, the United States keeps letting the more powerful player continue to assassinate the other's allies, invade their cities, maim their civilians and corrupt our peace efforts.

Reaping violence in return, Israel has used the carnage to justify its past, present and future efforts to avoid the creation of a free and independent Palestinian state.

What will it take to change this deadly cycle of violence? We have already sacrificed thousands of lives - far more than Israel has lost in recent years - at the World Trade Center and in Iraq to stay in lockstep with the unraveling lie of U.S. policy.

While one might imagine that failure after failure and the American public's increasing sophistication about what the "eye for an eye" violence there costs us here - the very linkage that terrorists want us to experience - would lead to more criticism of Bush administration policy, that has not been the case. Criticism is muted, spoken so weakly that it is not heard at all over the din about Madonna's kissing Britney Spears. The resignation and the kiss get equal billing on tv, even though one will likely be followed by a sea of bloodshed and the other by a sea of indifference.

The media and the administration are both paralyzed by inertia, simply because the courage to speak truth from power cannot arise when the springs of truth are corrupted by endless self-interested spin. Someone has yet to speak from the soul of agony for all of us who are the future victims of a mtwisted foreign policy.

President Bush has a simple choice: End the tilt and end the violence - or let us suffer more.

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