Vol. 12, No. 2,856W - The American Reporter - March 18, 2006

To The Editor

by Laura Gross
American Reporter Reader
Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I am writing to ask you for a correction to a story (AR, No. 2016W, "John Henry's for Saps - Give Me Mother Jones!") that is currently posted on your Web page. The story, written by Jimmy Montague, incorrectly identifies NPR as the producer of a segment.

The production was from PBS, not NPR. I hope this can be corrected Thank you.

Laura Gross
Manager, Public Relations
NPR (www.npr.org)
Washington, D.C. via Internet

The Editor replies: Thank you for the correction. Mr. Montague respectfully notes that in his article he chastises NPR for airing the John Henry piece, which was produced and aired by NPR. In a supplementary line, the link to the article "The Original Story of Labor Day" misidentified NPR as the source of those excerpts. That error was introduced during editing and did not appear in the original version of the story. The link is to a 1996 PBS report, the "segment" to which the writer refers. In a second error, stemming from Ms. Gross's letter, the Editors changed the words "NPR" to "PBS" throughout the piece. That second error has now been corrected.
FYI: The lead correction in the New York Times today, Jan. 20, 2003, ironically concerns an error made by the Times with respect to the Editor, Joe Shea, who made the series of errors noted here.

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