Vol. 12, No. 2,856W - The American Reporter - March 18, 2006

by Roger W. Hancock
American Reporter Reader
Auburn, Wash.

AUBURN, Wash. -- Conservative bias in the media? Hogwarsh!

On a liberal talk show a liberal bias is expected, as it is with a conservative talk show, being conservative. When one talks of "bias in the media" it is insinuating that there should not be any bias. On that principle, when talking about bias in the media, one talks about the mainstream news media, where the news is supposedly reported without political bias.

The liberal bias in the news is obvious when simply comparing the reporting on the two parties. Double standards and omissions of fact run rampant. It can be difficult to be impartial but to deny its obvious existence shows an intent to be biased.

The Democratic leaders are attempting to diffuse the attention of news bias by claiming a conservative bias in the media. They compare apples with oranges. Talk shows are not news shows and are subject directly to the law of supply and demand. Conservative talk shows are more successful due to the fact that the mainstream media by omission and spinning of facts often show their liberal bias.

Conservatism is a winning concept with the American people. As more citizens awaken from the their apathy the conservative movement gains ground. The public is waking up and beginning to see the Democratic Party's leadership for what it has become, a self-seeking, power-hungry elite that will stoop to any lows to promote the liberal, almost Socialist, agenda.

Auburn, Wash.
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