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To The Editor

by Karyn Powell
American Reporter Reader
Hollywood, Calif.

HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 8, 2001 -- I am very confused. How can any American in their right mind not want a tax cut? And when did the Democrats care more about "their party" over We The People?

How is it that marriage is considered taxable, like cigarettes and liquor? I am currently being penalized for being legally married? That appears ridiculous to me so, therefore, I completely support President Bush's tax cut plan that includes:

  • Reducing the marriage penalty and increasing the child tax credit to $1000 to help middle-income working families.

Why do the Democrats have a problem with that? I have been writing my Congresspersons for two years without any answer to this and I am tired of working hard and being in debt.

And there is more. Other great parts of President Bush's plan includes:

  • Help lower income workers by moving them into lowest tax bracket of 10 percent now;
  • Eliminate the double taxation on dividends, almost half of this savings will benefit Americans 65 and older;
  • Encourage small businesses - which account for half of our nation's economic output - to invest in equipment and new technology;
  • Aid unemployed workers through new personal re-employment accounts of up to $3,000 and help them find a job.

Why is this bad? Is it because the economy status is more important than We The People? I have worked every day since I was 18 years old which was thirty years ago and want my part of the American Dream yet I am so taxed to death that I have to live paycheck to paycheck. This just looks wrong to me. What I see the President delivering looks right at the right time. Everyone put down these bi-partisan boxing gloves and do what is best for We The People. It is time.

Hollywood, Calif.
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