Vol. 12, No. 2,856W - The American Reporter - March 18, 2006

To The Editor

by Arun Mehta
American Reporter Subscriber
New Delhi, India

NEW DELHI -- Thanks, Joe, that ("The Future is Streaming," by Joe Shea, AR, No. 1615) is a great article, and I share your enthusiasm for streaming, particularly its ability to evade government control -- very important in the developing world.

There is one aspect to the bandwidth crunch that you might perhaps mention next time you write about this. While most people may not have the connections that allow streaming, surely cable operators can -- they can act as local redistributors using conventional means.

Still, I am not sure that streaming has sorted out its revenue model. When radio and TV could only be broadcast through the airwaves, the competition was limited to people within line of sight. Now, it is the whole world.

Is the local advertiser interested that people in Peru might also be viewing his advertising? Perhaps not. At the same time, with thousands of channels, the advertising dollar gets divided to the extent that almost nobody is viable.

Arun Mehta
New Delhi, India
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