Vol. 12, No. 3,009 - The American Reporter - October 19, 2006

To The Editor

by Patricia Slesinger
American Reporter Reader
Beverly Hills, Calif.

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BEVERLY HILLS -- Today one of the great gentlemen of the legal system passed away. He was my lawyer and the only lawyer I ever had who cared for me and my issues.

He was loved by many people because he truly cared about those he represented and he truly cared about humanity. Not just black people but all people and their rights.

We have lost a great advocate who was on the side of right.

Many people are quick to judge him by the O.J. Simpson trial. Few remember how he worked through the ranks of the court system and how many innocent people he saved.

Our system is corrupt, and he never bought into that corruption.

He was doing his job when he worked for Mr. Simpson. His job is part of the law that makes our country great. I don't agree with O.J. going free, and perhaps Mr. Cochran didn't either, but it was his job to give O.J. the best representation he could. This should not be held against him.

I have heard all kinds of terrible words said about Mr. Cochran by what must be the right-wing Christian people who don't understand anything about anything. They only care for themselves and for their way. But Mr. Cochran cared about the freedom of everyone's way.

If you knew him you would know what joy he brought to everyone around him.

These terrible things have been said all over the radio, and I must speak out because none of these people know what they are talking about and it sickens me to hear them try to take out their anger on someone who has had nothing to do with whatever their problem is.

Mr. Cochran was a hero and a great man. He will be remembered this way, long after all of the petty people who have no life worth remembering have all died.

Patricia Slesinger
Beverly Hills, Calif. via Internet

The author was represented by Mr. Cochran in Slesinger v. Disney.

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