Vol. 12, No. 3,009 - The American Reporter - October 19, 2006

To The Editor

by Edgar Veytia
American Reporter Reader
West Hollywood, Calif.

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- I am writing to draw your attention to our Web site, Cubanos.org.

Operated by progressively minded Cuban-Americans, the site is dedicated to the Cuban cause and offers visitors a comprehensive range of services. These include:

  • Cuban Resource Directory - The most comprehensive, organized, and well maintained listing of Web sites thatrelate to every aspect of Cuban matters.
  • Community Forums - Aplace for dialog among visitors.
  • Cuban News - News feeds and highlighted stories with links to the Forum for commentary and discussion.
  • Action Tools - for anyone inspired to get involved: Tools forleadership and lists of organizations committed to serving the Cubancause.
  • Postcards - A wonderful selection of vintage Cubane-postcards that can be emailed to friends and family anywhere.

Cubanos.org is privately funded, displays no advertising, and hasstrict privacy policies that effectly bar the tracking and sharing ofindividual information without consent.

Again, I am writing to you to bring our site to your attention,and just as important, to enlist your help in getting the word out by whatever means you have at your disposal. Bringing attention to a site where moderate, progressively-minded Cubans can share and hone their views would be greatly appreciated.

Edgar Veytia
Webmaster, Cubanos.org
West Hollywood, Calif.
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