Vol. 12, No. 3,009 - The American Reporter - October 19, 2006

To The Editor

by Robert Barrett
American Reporter Reader
Sulphur, Okla.

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SULPHUR, Okla. -- I have been so shocked and very angry at seeing how the price of gas has been shooting up for no more reason than just to make a profit. The profit margins are so fat this year -- over 44% more than last year. They use the excuse that the demand is greater than the supply. But OPEC is still selling the same amount of oil as they have been for several months and at the same prices, too.

Every year during Christmas time there is always a toy that is in greater demand than the output. The toy companies take advantage of that and raise the prices because people are desperate for the toy to give their kids for Christmas.

Also, when we have a natural disaster in this country the government issues a law saying that no one can raise prices on basic needs just because the demand outstrips the supply. So why are we allowing the gas companies to do thatwhen there is an abundance of supply>? The gas is still there and the oil is still there. Even though the potential supply goes down that does not in any way hurt the gas companies and make them lose money and have to raise their gas prices.

The only reason in my mind for raising gas prices is if OPEC raises their prices. Every year the gas companies have been making greater profits. All that money goes to the management, stockholders and politicians.

I feel the only way we can get the gas companies' attention [Editor's Note: The following recommends an activity that is against the law. The American Reporter does not believe stealing gas is an appropriate or effective form of protest. We support oil and gas blockades as acts of civil disobedience.] is to just fill up your car and take off, and everyone should do this on June 1st as a designated day.

I would love to see the police trying to chase down all the drivers doing this. It would cause such a big mess for city hall and the gas companies.

Something has to give and be done in a big way to wake up the industry and Washington, D.C. It is a crime what the gas companies are doing and a crime for the politicians to allow this to happen.

Robert Barrett
Sulphur, Okla.
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