Vol. 12, No. 3,009 - The American Reporter - October 19, 2006

To The Editor

by W.J. Wildman
American Reporter Reader
Los Angeles, Calif.

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LOS ANGELES -- Well, young man, one could hardly hold up your article ("Kerrey & Kerry: Two Faces of Vietnam," by Joe Shea, AR No. 1576W) as a model of unbiased reporting. And it certainly illustrates unmitigated gall to call a Medal of Honor winner a "shameless coward." Your article relects consumate lack of journalistic expertise by presenting as fact accounts heard in second- or third-hand relation.

As you relate it, Senator John indicates that -- from his position on a riverboat -- he refused to open up because he could identify civilians in the line of fire. You conveniently omit the comparison with Senator Bob's position: in jungle growth, probably on his belly and not in a position to properly identify the opposition.

My exposure to combat goes back a couple of wars and in no way relates to conditions in 'Nam. I do, however, take extreme exception to the liberty taken by some latter-day flack in extolling the perceived virtues of one veteran over another in hopes of political advantage.

Whatever the purpose of The American Reporter, it reflects journalistic amateurism of the worst kind. There are several notable institutions locally which offer courses in journalism.

W.J. Wildman
Los Angeles via Internet

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