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A.R. Exclusive

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Correspondent
Hollywood, Calif.

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LOS ANGELES, NOV. 5, 2002 - A well-known activist for Jewish causes facing life in prison may have used a longtime friend to warn the Los Angeles City Council in advance of a coming attempt to kill himself.

Irv Rubin, the fiery and controversial leader of the radical Jewish Defense League, was said to be "brain dead" today after reportedly trying to slash his throat with a prison razor and then plunging over a cell block railing 18-feet to a concrete floor below when authorities were moving him from his cell to Federal court, where he was facing trial for conspiracy to bomb the offices of Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa and plotting the bombing of the King Fahd mosque in Culver City, Calif.

Following their arrest last Dec. 11, both Rubin and a fellow JDL leader, Earl Krugel, pleaded not guilty to a series of related charges.

Rubin had been recalled Friday at a meeting of the Los Angeles City Council by another activist, "Melrose" Larry Green, as a man who had been framed by the government and was innocent of the charges against him. Green, a perennial candidate for city offices and former regular on radio's "Howard Stern Show," praised Rubin Friday as a friend and indicated the activist was frightened and depressed by the prospect of facing a life in jail.

Three days befor the suicide attempt, Green asked members of the Los Angeles City Council to watch what happened in Rubin's case on Monday. It was unclear whether Green had actually spoken to Rubin, but that possibility was suggested by the immediacy of his remarks during the public comment session at the end of the Friday's council meeting. Green's appearance was replayed on Sunday, the night before his suicide attempt, on Channel 35, the official city channel.

Green could not be reached for comment early Tuesday morning.

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