Vol. 12, No. 3,009 - The American Reporter - October 19, 2006

To Our Readers

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Editor-in-Chief
Bradenton, Fla.

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BRADENTON, FL, June 3, 2005 -- For only the third time in our history, The American Reporter has a new World Wide Web host, the Northern California firm of Sonic.net. The transition to their hosting services is nearly complete, and we expect to resume regular publication this weekend.

We wish to send a special message of thanks to Eli Caul, who worked tirelessly to bring this positive move to fruition. He had the thankless job of transporting more than 500 gigabytes of data from our Monitor.net site to Sonic.net, and that job alone required 10 hours of effort; I am afraid that is just a small portion of the time that he and our Webmaster, Andy Oram of O'Reilly & Associates, have had to expend to make our move possible.

At this time, too, I wish to extend to Jeff Elliott of Monitor.net our heartfelt thanks for the selfless work and countless hours, as well as the enduring financial support, he offered to The American Reporter. Suffice it to say that people as committed to the First Amendment as Jeff are very hard to come by in this new and drastically more controlled world we live in. His work at the Albion Monitor is a testament not only to his efforts on behalf of our constitutional rights but to his great skills as an editor. Jeff, thank you for your deep generosity and continuing support.

Sonic.net is a small, very bright, and very talented group of successful people who have assembled 30,000 of some of the most technically-demanding customers in the world. No normal ISP could possibly have provided us with such dedicated support and so much personal effort to manage our transition. We are deeply grateful to them, and look forward to a long and mutually profitable and productive relationship.

Finally, a word to all our readers and writers, who have been asked to bear with these technical challenges during what has become a two-week absence. We are glad to have you back with us, and we deeply appreciate the patience you have shown. Moreover, we apologize to you for our inability due to technical issues to provide the attention and service we normally do. Again, thank you - and welcome back.

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