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Hominy & GHash

Constance Daley
The American Reporter
St. Simons Island, Ga.

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ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. -- Is it merely a coincidence, or could it be divine intervention forcing us to reserve judgment in cases where looking weird does not make you guilty of child molestation, and looking normal does not automatically give you a free pass on accusations of heinous, detestable, murders by torture.

Both kinds are playing out in the media now. The former boils down to He said and then He said and which motive is more plausible to the jury. In the latter, DNA evidence brought about the arrest. So far, there have not been DNA's presented in court in other cases that could be misleading. I trust DNA.

There's little I can add beyond my own opinion. The motives: well, if Michael Jackson is guilty his motives would have been sexual gratification. If he is not, then the family of the boy accusing Mr. Jackson are guilty of greed, not a crime per se, but extorting money by lying about situations and events is a crime. They're not on trial, however, and have nothing to lose by showing up each day. Except their reputations, of course, and those were besmirched long before they visited Neverland.

We're being so politically correct with the BTK killer that all reports say: "He is only charged with 10 of the heinous crimes committed in Wichita going back 31 years." One is enough for me; convict him!

His name is Dennis Rader and he understands the charges. Depending upon whom you believe, you will learn he is affable and pleasant to some or arrogant and petty to others. BTK stands for bind, torture, kill. He wrote letters so signed. To his co-workers he was "rude, demanding and egotistical." When we fling our judgments, as we are want to do, we usually surmise the serial killer is a loner.

Dennis Rader was no loner. He was "out there." Her was not only out there but in your home. He was a Census taker going inside, he was leader and participant at church and a Scoutmaster with Boy Scouts of America. He was a code compliance supervisor so he measured the height of his neighbor's lawn. His official identification badge made this behavior look normal.

Those looks we take as normal allowed this man to take out a pistol and shoot a child's mother right in front of him. But, first he pulled down the blinds. That would be normal, wouldn't it? No one wants to be seen shooting someone in the head.

Michael Jackson hopped up on top of a black SUV and waved to fans supporting him on his day in court. "Oh, look at him," viewers smirked, "how weird can he get?"

With Rader, his daughter supplied the DNA that did him in. "His daughter? She turned him in? His own daughter?"

With Michael, he has 100 percent support of his family with some, if not all, siblings and his parents in court every day. What do we say? "They're on his gravy train, they need his money." Not one of them needs his money, they are all talented and successful in their own right. But, still we judge.

It's a wonder anyone can sit on a jury with all our preconceived notions. Michael had girly magazines locked in a briefcase. He found some rambunctious kids at Neverland going through it and he angrily scooted them away and locked the magazines up. Wouldn't anyone do just that?

We can't help hearing what we hear on radio, television, or read in the papers and magazines, but we can reserve judgment, can't we? We're cautioned in Rader's case to remember these are allegation and it would appear we are convicting him before he has his day in court. Yes, I am. I am doing that. I trust the DNA evidence which is powerful. If it appears I'm rushing to judgment it's merely because our justice system, fair to us all, often allows an inappropriate handling of a case to call a mistrial and let the "alleged" murderer go free.

Am I also rushing to defend Michael against all charges? I mean, where there's smoke, there's bound to be a spark someplace. But, he's such an innocent! He has such a babydoll face; he's a baby-talk innocent. Oh, yes, what he has done to his face is outrageous but as a kid his father called him "big nose" and his brothers laughed. So, when he was big enough and old enough and rich enough, he did something about it. It's deplorable but it's not a crime.

His crotch-grabbing stage show is also deplorable -- especially since he started a trend among the music video entertainers that's really out of hand now. But, it's not a crime.

I can say I wish he wouldn't do that and complain loudly about it. But, I can't, in conscience, believe he is capable of molesting young boys.

Since I still believe in our courts, and still trust our jury system, I will listen to the evidence. Right now, though, I think he really looks like a duck, quacks just like a duck and could very well be a duck. But I'll reserve my judgment until DNA evidence or a confession tells me otherwise.

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