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The Right Side

by Vance McDonald
American Reporter Correwspondent
Austin, Texas

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AU..IN, Tex. -- "These are the times that try men's souls." These immortal words of Tom Paine have never been more appropriate than at this time in history.

During the last five thousand years, there have been three epochal cultures that have guided the human species forward to a better more civil life based on liberty - Rome, Great Britain and the United States of America.

After Rome dissolved the world was cast into a thousand years of feudal barbarous darkness. When the British Empire collapsed humanity was far more fortunate because America was there to save the day from a repeat of the fall of Rome.

In the Twentieth Century, the effort to save civilization from German Nazism, Japanese imperialism and Soviet and Chinese communism was dependent on the United States.

As then, the free world today is mortally threatened by an equally committed enemy - Islamist fascism and its evil adherents. And once again the only hope for humanity is the American people. However, there is one fundamental and potentially extinction level difference this time. The current generation of Americans has been subjected to forty years of incoherent leftist multicultural claptrap.

The mandarins in charge of our public schools and universities have transformed them into extreme leftist indoctrination camps. They have succeeded in brainwashing millions of people into believing that the American cultural enshrinement of individual liberty, intellectual honesty and moral common sense is no better than any other social model. This has created a national self image of malignant moral relativism and nihilistic narcissism - of mass pathological proportions. It is the recipe for the descent of mankind into hell. It has allowed tolerance and sympathy of any fashionable politically correct but deadly ideological movement, i.e., distributing Korans to Islamist enemy combatants in the name of cultural sensitivity while knowing full well that these savages are our sworn enemy dedicated to our destruction.

The American people must not allow this poisonous mindset to prevail. Unfortunately, because of the mass leftist indoctrination of the last four decades there is huge societal confusion and as a result we now find ourselves at the edge of chaos. History has shown that the people of Rome and Great Britain had a similar affliction. They too were misled into self-loathing, complacent ingratitude and moral cowardice. This was their path to destruction. We now seriously flirt with that same black fate and woe be to humanity if it is not stopped.

Today America is mortally threatened from without and within and there is no one to ride to the rescue except ourselves. So let us shake off any leftist neo-liberal tendencies and review our current terrible predicament. From without, Islamist fascists, i.e., al-Qaeda, Iranian mullahs, Saudi Wahabis, and their various minions, are pounding at the gates to destroy the United States and enslave humanity. From within, na´ve leftist neoliberal utopians, i.e., Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Charlie Rangel, Dick Durbin and many more of their Democratic Party ilk, are undermining national resolve to defeat these evil Islamist villains.

It is still not too late. We must regain our national dignity and presence. America is responsible for the perpetuation of liberty and the free world in general. There is no one else. We can and must accomplish this honorable mission. We can no longer tolerate the nihilistic snivelings of leftist Democrats or, thankfully rare, Republicans to withdraw from the war against Islamist fascism.

The lesson of Sept. 11, 2001, can never be forgotten. But as time passes denial becomes easier and easier. This is the trap of leftist utopian neoliberalism - rejection of moral and intellectual reality because it is hard and painful. Unfortunately millions of Americans have been seduced by this siren's song of blissful ignorance. They have become soft in the head and soul. But denial will only enable and embolden the Islamist monsters to work harder in their evil machinations to divide the world into feudal Islamist theocratic tyrannies.

We must demand that our representatives in Washington continue the armed struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan more aggressively to vanquish the Islamist threat and expand freedom. We must demand that the field of battle be kept in the enemies' backyard. The pressure of the war must be applied directly to the Islamist fascists over there to achieve eventual victory. If not, the war will surely be brought to our shores and cities. And finally, we must impress upon Washington to be committed to the total defeat of the Islamist barbarians wherever they may be.

In the immutable words of one liberal Democrat, President John F. Kennedy, "We must bear any burden" to defend liberty. If we do not, history is poised to repeat itself and freedom will be destroyed. Only this time, the previous Dark Age will look like a trial run. Unlike their evil predecessors, the Islamist despots will have Twenty First Century weapons technology at their disposal. If victorious, they and their evil devotees will condemn humanity to mass starvation, torture and genocide.

Stand up today to demand that our federal government representatives overtly support the war effort to defeat these monstrous barbarians. It is up to us. If we do not, freedom and civilization will be annihilated. The future will indeed be filled with horror and posterity will have only pain on their horizon.

Vance McDonald is a social and political commentator living in Austin, Texas. libertyjournal@aol.com.

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