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by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
October 6, 2014
The Willies

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BRADENTON, Fla., Oct. 6, 2014 -- Just this morning, a Fox & Friends news anchor asked, "Can you trust the government to function properly?"

Obviously, he doesn't get a Social Security check, and just as obviously, our government is much more trustworthy than Fox News and its Australian billionaire owner, Rupert Murdoch. But the comment reflects the desperate race for ads and viewers and the Chinese government connections that has made Fox embark on a fierce anti-government campaign.

The segment today also featured a poll that showed only 8 percent of Americans trust the government "a great deal," while 17 percent trust it "not at all." It said 42 percent trust it "not very much." Those numbers, which are probably phony, to Fox News programmers are a triumph.

But all this is rather tame compared to a best-selling book's warm embrace of political assassins BY right-wing talk show hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The book's called "Term Limits," by Vince Flynn, and throughout it there is a single theme.

Americans would be better off, say several characters including the hero, Congressman Michael O'Rourke, if United States Senators and the Speaker of the House, along with the chair of the House Appropriations Committee - and even the President - were murdered in cold blood for their supposed "crimes" against the American economy - particularly the continued funding of the Rural Electrification Administration, or REA, an agency that long ago accomplished its goal and should have been shut down, the characters say.

The book was published in 2010, but the national debt is pegged at $5 trillion, a number that was prevalent during the Bush Administration (it's $17 trillion now).

I was only halfway through the book when someone TOOK it from my shopping cart at Walmart last night. I spent a couple of hours trying to recover it, and even to buy a new copy - there were no more - to no avail. Tonight, though, I got a call from the store's manager saying a cleaning crew had found it, and they are holding it for me.

Limbaugh, Beck, and Fox News, with Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly and other Fox personnel are carping around the clock about the government, the President, the Democrats and people who support them. In doing so, they have begun to tip the balance against America, its leadership and its government, even though the nation is at war. Today, they complained at length that President Obama hasn't given the war a catrchy name!

Murdoch, of course, has billions invested in China, where he was given wide satellite access to their airwaves - apparently in exchange for building a huge disinformation machine in the United States that destroys the trust and confidence Americans have in what they have created through 238 years of struggle, survival and hope.

Murdoch paid off House Speaker Newt Gingrich with a $5-million book advance to get expedited citizenship that allowed him to fight government regulations that limited the market share of news organizations that might want to control all the sources of news Americans get.

Murdoch succeeded in dismantling those regulations, and In New York, the most successful site of his foul campaign, got control of TV and radio stations, and two popular newspapers, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal.

Today, mainly through his Fox cable network - the most-watched network on cable, he poisons the minds of millions of American viewers. The anchors are fond of listing all the controversies they have created about the President and his Administration - the VA, IRS, Ebola, ISIS, etc. - as though each one is the President's fault.

If the characters of "Term Limits" had their way, the President, his top advisors and much of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives would be dead. In their place would be idealists like themselves and Rep. Michael O'Rourke, who frequently concedes that America would be "better off" without most of his colleagues.

It is absolutely heinous and evil to advocate the assassination of our elected officials. The kind of hatred spewing from Fox News is the source of the anger, disappointment and deadly tactics of people who spray the White House with bullets and jump its fences and push through its doors with a knife at the ready.

As anti-government militias and people like Eric Frein, the murderous survival freak who ambushed and killed a Pennsylvania state trooper and injured another, start to become more active and militant, more Americans will die because of the hatred that Murdoch's minions have spewed against our government, our President, blacks, immigrants and the poor.

Someone ought to tell Vince Flynn his heroes are killing the wrong people.

Joe Shea is Editor-in-Chief of the American Reporter, and has never been employed by the federal government.

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