Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
June 15, 2008
An Appeal to Barack Obama

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Dear-Mr.-President-To-Be-Elected: A miracle has happened.

In the past two years and growing day by day, a flood of inventions that rival the birth of the Internet are flooding the World Wide Web with videos, press releases, webinars, forums and chat rooms. They all have one thing in common: hydrogen on demand.

Whatever you call the devices they extol - HHO, HOH, oxyhydrogen, Aquygen, hydroxyl, etc. - they all mean the samer thing: a safe, cheap, easily produced fuel that comes from the simple electrolysis of water, is non-proprietary and unpatented, and has been around since 1866. With or without gasoline, depending on the kit and the car, they can either increase gas mileage from 20% to 50% or replace it altogether. I know you must be skeptical, but as the first part of this appeal, please go to Google - don't send someone else there - and search for "You Tibe HHO Gas" and "hydrogen on demand."

See the videos from CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC and everywhere else, check out the home videos made by thousands of inventors, read about the latest HHO discoveries at America's leading universities, and then return to this appeal.

Mr. President-To-Be-Elected, it is a miracle. The ability to acquire absolute independence from foreign oil and greatly reduce the suffering caused by the high price of gasoline is now in the hands of ordinary people. They can build or buy HHO fuel devices for less than the weekly salary of someone earning the minimum wage. They can do it in the next couple of weeks, and they can change the world as we know it.

We no longer have to empower the harsh extremism of terrorists with money that originates in the purchase of fossil fuel products. Israel no longer need fear the absolute wealth of its oil-rich neighbors. My wife will no longer have to spend her minimum-wage salary in gas to get to work. All those SUVs will no longer be obsolete. Ford and GM don't need to slowly go broke.

I asked in prayer, at Mass here in Florida, just two months ago for a breakthrough that could end the suffering caused in so many ways and places by fossil fuel. Then, with almost no effort, I discovered that it has arrived.

You may have heard a lot about cars that run on water, or seen them on tv news shows. Maybe you know someone who has installed an HHO kit and cut their gas mileage dramatically. And I know you've heard of every other way under the sun to fuel a car, from hydrogen in tanks to solar power to ethanol, methanol, and even compressed air, the French automobile concept that will be coming of the assembly lines of Tata Industries this Fall.

Frankly, every single one of these has promise, even with the drawbacks of cost and demand ratios. But none is here now, ready to go, except HHO Gas and its various name and disguises.

Here's what needs to happen, Mr. President-To-Be-Elected: First, a competition such as the 2008 HHO Games & Exposition has to be created to allow the multitude of HHO inventors and their inventions to come together in one place, allowing their kits to be tested, demonstrated and introduced to major auto-parts manufacturers. I want you to be at that event on Nov. 11, 2008, on an occasion that will profoundly honor the sacrifice of so many Americans in the last two wars, both thrust upon us in pursuit of cheaper energy.

I want you to then declare a National Day of Initiative when Americans of all kinds will find help everywhere they turn in buying, installing and using the best HHO kits available - and maybe we can even help subsidize the $200-$250 cost of the entire process to jump-start the process and the vast savings this fuel will create.

Let us move to a higher ground now, one that will provide a transition between the gas-guzzlers of the past and the better technology that awaits us 5, 10 or 15 years from now. That will begin to dramatically reduce global warming to the extent that it is not a natural phenomenon, because HHO does not pollute.

Nor does it require the storage tanks that we are warned against, or risk truly dangerous explosions as they do (see the harmless ones associated with this technology on my not-for-profit hhovideo.org Website.

There's a reason for the urgency. You may not realize it yet, as busy as you are, but the world's oil producers have deciphered the writing on the wall. They are becoming aware of people across the globe who are converting their cars with simple, often home-made kits to run their cars on gasoline and water and sometimes water alone.

In the halls of power, you'll soon be facing the outrage of an industry that is about to be blown away like so many in history before them, with equal suddenness. They are selling their gas stations because they will soon be obsolete. They are raising gas prices to ever greater heights because they know that two years from now they won't be able to give their gasoline away.

Don't be like the politicians of the past, who have squandered our dreams to buy time for dying industries. Be like the human being Bob Dylan wrote about in the '60s: "Let the dead bury the dead."

Instead, enable a New American Revolution that is not a slogan but for real, in which the energy and spirit of invention produces a global economic boom far larger than the Internet produced. Help us begin a new dialogue of mankind, as the Internet did. The freeing up of trillions of dollars spent on fossil fuels will allow us to truly feed, shelter, heal and save this weary, grimy, battered, dying world of fossil fuels.

The time is now. The day is here. The hour of change is upon us. Seize it, sir, and raise it to the new, blue, clean skies of Earth.

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