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by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
August 29, 2014
The Willies

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BRADENTON, Fla., Aug. 29, 2014 -- If you don't have a strategy, it usually means you don't have a problem.

And why is the terrorist army of ISIS America's problem?

But the so-called "conservatives" that slurp the slime from Rupert Murdoch's manure trough claim the President of the United States is "weak" on ISIS and suggest that the country is therefore headed into the pits of Hell.

These rotten bastards are doing their best to send more of our young men and women to their deaths in the Middle East and to spark a conflagration that will burn the world. That's what they call "strength."

Before the "connies" at Fox started sharing their ignorance about the American style of government - which leaves military issues to the President as Commander-in-Chief and supports him to the fullest, as real conservatives do as an act of faith - they were content to whine about taxes and health care as they struggled to defend the Republican shut-down of the government.

Now they are trying to encourage a coup d'etat against the President by amplfying their rhetoric to suggest that a bunch of anti-government stragglers in the Middle East are going to invade the United States.

In truth, what they are saying is that the defense industry isn't seeing any big markets opening up for the $2 billion jet fighters, $10 billion aircraft carriers and their extremely expensive space weapons and surveillance systems.

If there's no strategy, what weapons systems are we supposed to pitch to the Pentagon? they ask. If there's no plan for ground troops, who are we going to sell our tanks, Humvees, missile launchers and anti-personnel carriers to?

"Please, somebody!" they beg. "Start a war!"

If you come from Australia (as some wonderful people do!), and are like Rupert Murdoch (as few Australians are), you can try to bring your tabloid "sensibility" to America.

You can stoop to any level - eavesdropping on children, bugging telephones and making huge headlines out of inconsequential issues - anything for a scandal that builds a TV and social media audience and sells the newspapers, books and magazines Murdoch's minions create.

If you're a Murdoch-type Australian, you can encourage your anchors and former newsmen to openly disparage our President and extravagantly spend the political good will that holds our great nation together, and that has taken so many lives and decades to nurture.

You can go spend it recklessly until our national "comity" - our commonality and friendship with our own people - is bankrupt, and only hostile partisanship remains.

Back in the early 90s, Murdoch gave then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich a $5 million book advance from one of his publishing houses to get citizenship so he could control news outlets - you have to be an American citizen to own a TV station. Newt obliged him.

I'm sure that Newt didn't realize that Murdoch was going to cost his "adopted" country hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives in fomenting several wars and bringing about a long period of international disgrace.

Murdoch didn't really adopt us: he stole our attention and abandoned our values.

Unfortunately, that was the price that China demanded for granting his Sky News satellite operations control of China's media skies: get hold of an American audience and stimulate them to hate their government. It worked.

That is where we are now, and the goal is to push us over the edge by scaring the American people about the competence and ability of our President and our government.

It is working far better than anyone expected when even opposing the prospect of another war cannot find a consensus in the right-wing behind the only President we've got. You may ask, what kind of consensus can we have behind a non-strategy?

After all, they are asking now is what good is a strategy without a war? But what they are not asking is, what are you going to do when that war draws 2 billion Chinese and 300 million Russians into the fight? And, are you ready for all the consequences of a worldwide war?

"It's a war that involves the whole world," Anna Coren of CNN said on the air today. She's been listening to Fox, I think. But does it "involve the whole world"? Well, not yet.

The connies at Fox don't want to be blamed for fomenting World War III (doing that in the Spanish-American War in 1898 later destroyed the legacy of newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst), but they see no other way to undermine our national unity and destroy our reputation for world leadership that so profoundly aggravates Murdoch's Chinese masters.

Please join with me, regardless of your political party, and come to the aid of your country: Please support our President, support our government, and tell the world about it.

I have started an organization called "Americans for Responsibilty" to spread this message to our fellow Americans. We would deeply appreciate your help.

Meanwhile, click on the front-page link that says "Vote American" and read what President George Washington, the father of our country, said to posterity.

If you hate our government, you ought to get the hell out of it, because in this country the government is "of, for and by" the people - and you're saying you hate our people.

Well, they hate you back.

With 30 other journalists, Joe Shea founded The American Reporter on April 10, 1995. Write him at editor@american-Reporter.com using the Subject: header "AR MAIL."

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