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by Elizabeth T. Andrews
American Reporter Correspondent
Cartersville, Ga.
April 21, 2008
One Woman's World

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CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- Let's pretend that a few power-hungry, self-deluded, sexually degenerate women are operating as self-appointed leaders of a religious group called Church of Jesus Christ of Select Sisterhood.

These women have from 1 to 76 husbands each. They have sex with very young boys, and they get pregnant by their own young sons in order to preserve their so-called sacred seed.

Let's also say that the hundreds of men at the Sisterhood's isolated compound are subdued, submissive and easily manipulated by the women who simply invoke God's name and spew forth God-told-me reminders of a husband's duty to his wife.

Lest they prove competition for the women, all the young girls are sent outside the compound at age 13. No arrangements are made for their welfare and no records kept of their existence.

Slowly the compound takes on an air of religious royalty. A Prophetess Beatrice emerges at the top with devout disciples at each elbow. These baby-makers keep mattresses on the floor in a back room of the temple and there they indulge in sex with young boys. They prefer sex with the boys but they occasionally have sex with some of their husbands in order to ensure their husband's slavish devotion to the women and to a way of life that makes slaves of the men and egotistical, self-indulgent, satiated sex maniacs of the women.

And it is all done in God's name.

Why the gender switch regarding what's been happening in Texas?

Because nowhere is the inequality of the sexes more apparent than it is under a religious umbrella that sanctifies the sins of men and glaringly reveals the mild hypnosis of willing herds of compliant women.

Change the gender of the above scenario and you have a sick picture of what was going on in the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) "Prophet" Warren Jeffs' slave compound near Eldorado, Tex., prior to the recent raid by the state of Texas Child Protective Services (CPS).

And although the CPS should get a grateful "Thank You" card from every concerned American, the sickening Jeffs legacy doesn't stop there. From his jail cell in Utah the infamous, self-appointed "prophet" still pulls the puppet strings of hundreds of children, women and men. His hellholes are still operating in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and as far away as British Columbia.

For days Americans watched in horror as more than 400 young children and a few dozen mothers were taken out of the Texas compound of the self-deluded pervert "prophet." Came, finally, the grateful rush of relief at the news: "State keeps all 416 children!"

CPS had dared cross over that invisible line known by law-breaking religious fanatics as "God's territory."

I hope Texas will not only charge the men with psychological brainwashing, physical and emotional abuse, and the constant rape of young girls, but will also charge the mothers with neglect for standing by and allowing it to happen.

There are no masters without willing slaves unless somebody's foot is nailed to the floor or unless there is an electric fence with cameras, guards with guns, and guard dogs circling a secret religious compound that is nothing more than a sex-slave business masquerading as these-things-we-do-in-God's-name horse dung.

More years ago than I care to remember I sat in the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orlando, Fla., and told that ho-humming department that if they did not arrest my then-boyfriend for sexually molesting my trusting, sweet, blue-eyed, blond 10-year-old daughter I would borrow a gun and kill him.

Somewhere in those dark moments of my own guilt and pain of having subjected my three young daughters to the company of this degenerate, I heard one of the detectives say that many mothers know sexual abuse of their daughters is going on by either husbands or boyfriends but they don't do anything about it because they'd have to grow up, get up, have the guy arrested, go to work, and assume full responsibility for the children.

If there is another chance at another life I hope such women have to come back as grasshoppers or beggars with leprosy. That any mother who would put her fear of responsibility and her asinine religious barnyard antics above her childrens welfare is high on my sin-sheet of heinous crimes.

I was a frightened submissive wife and ignorant mother who finally grew up, but I didn't look the other way and allow a husband, family member or boyfriend to abuse my daughters without making every effort to jail the degenerate, claim my own blame and learn from it, comfort my little children, and try to make sure it never happened again.

Better a dinner of peanut-butter sandwiches sprinkled with laughter and a feeling of being safe than an afternoon with a box of chocolates, soap operas, sad-eyed little girls and a bully coming home for dinner. Went there. Walked down that dark and dirty road.

I don't know why male religious fanatics almost always have perverted sexual tendencies, but they do. Mix sex in with a need to control the female-as-sex-object and God is a handy tool for lording it over gullible females who would follow Jack the Ripper into the sea if he'd pay for the fish bait and assure them of eternal salvation.

Nor do I even pretend to understand why so few women don't recognize that spiritual inequality is where the rats start laying eggs in the cellar of the human mind. (Yes, I know. Rats don't lay eggs. Indulge me.)

I know from experience that it is cold outside the traditional circle of comfort. It is cold and dark and you have to find your own way after you start questioning everything from the biblical Paul's obvious dislike of women, to why men need to feel superior to women in any and every department you want to name, especially religion.

Control a woman's god-concept and you have an obedient servant singing god-is-a-man.

The Texas saga of more than 400 children rescued from the strange, muted behavior of their mothers and the soul-mangling of their fathers ... that piece of the FLDS sick saga isn't over yet and probably won't be for months or years to come. No doubt the men and women in the other compounds will flee to Canada. If they do I hope the Canadian posse is waiting at the border for them with handcuffs and straight jackets ... and hot soup and a warm hug for the children.

Honor thy father and mother ... and ... children, obey your parents ... take on a whole new meaning if daddy is a child molester and mama is blind in one eye and refuses to see out of the other one. Women, submit yourselves to your husbands and keep silent in church begins to smack of a great way for men to hang onto power and it gives women a credible excuse for ignoring personal responsibility for themselves and their wee helpless babes.

And, yes, I am suggesting we start examining the authors, the books and the practitioners of this kind of spiritual propaganda.

In my little unwritten book of spiritual simplicity, it is impossible to hold oneself above another. Titles and money and skin and gender and self-fashioned gods have little to do with our common denominator ... the soul. There we meet as equals. There we are all twigs off the same tree. There we are rooted in sameness with our world family ... the good, the not-so-good, and the few deluded monsters among us who prey upon little children and ignorant women.

From a painful place of truth perhaps every responsible adult will put their arms around an abused child and say with determination, "Of such as these little ones, the kingdom of heaven is surely made. Using my voice, my time, energy and resources, I will work to give them days full of sunshine and nights of safe sleep. And I will rejoice and take comfort in the sweet sound of the laughter of free, happy children."

AR Correspondent Elizabeth T. Andrews, based in Cartersville, Ga., offers columns and poetry on her Website, www.treefamilyfoundation.com. Write her at angels@treefamilyfoundation.com

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