Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Mark Scheinbaum
American Reporter Correspondent
Angel Fire, N.M.
Jan. 21, 2008
Market Mover

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ANGEL FIRE, N.M., Jan. 20, 2008 -- Reflecting upon the first few weeks of a new year, one is only certain that a list of imponderables lacks many more things we don't know or can't explain for these American times.

Here we go:

1. If a $150 billion stimulus package by President Bush is needed to help the nation, and if $450 billion-plus has already been spent in Iraq, will the stimulus package result in the U.S. economy becoming at least one-third as successful as the basket case called Iraq?

2. If no GOP candidate other than John McCain has a plausible chance of beating any of the three leading Democratic candidates, what are Republicans thinking?

3. If Obama or Clinton might have a tough battle against a Republican, but reliable polls show that even if you don't love Edwards he could beat any Republican, what are Democrats mulling over?

4. If Bill Richardson owes much of his rèsumé to the Clintons; even joined with Vernon Jordan in early cover-up attempts about Bill Clinton's girlfriend; stayed in the race just long enough to pull enough Obama votes in New Hampshire to give Sen. Clinton a win; then dropped out of the running, and his entire New Mexico leadership has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, well, why didn't Mrs. Clinton simply name him her V.P. running mate last year?

5. If Charlie's wife was able to hand him a sandwich every day at Scully Square Station when the train came rumbling through, why couldn't she also hand him a nickel? (Hint: Kingston Trio.)

6. If Fed Chief Ben Bernanke could promote the United States economy as well as Diane Keaton promotes a new B-movie, would the dollar be on par value with Sterling and the Euro?

7. Since douche, eye-liner, glucosamine, after-shave, and Q-Tips are nice to have but not necessities, would a 1% surcharge on all non-prescription health and beauty products pay for quality health care for every American for their entire lives?

8. If P&G, J&J, and other health-and-beauty manufacturers were given a one-percent corporate tax credit, and would also save on health care for their own employees, would they resist that surcharge?

9. What percentage of sub-prime mortgage defaults are for owners who retired in Providence, R.I., Dallas, and Erie, Pa., and bought two or three condos in Delray Beach, Fla., Breckenridge, Colo., Sausalito, Calif., or Hilton Head, S.C., for speculation?

10. Is there a special psychological test to determine if you are suitable for watching an outdoor football game for three hours in January, in Green Bay, Wisc., while the temperature is -4 F. (-24 F. with the chill factor)?

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