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by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
July 2, 2014
The Willies

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BRADENTON, Fla., July 2, 2014 -- I happened to tune in to Fix News tonight and catch the end of an interview - a brow-beating, actually - of former Weather Underground and Barack Obama friend Bill Ayers by the beautiful, if really mean, Megan Kelly.

As to be expected of the minion of America's Antichrist, Rupert Murdoch, Kelly played the interview for all the anger and hatred it could elicit from her like-minded audience.

Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, along with Kathy Boudin and others, admitted they had taken part in about 20 of the 20,000 bombings that Ayers said were associated with the antiwar protests of the mid-Sixties.

Not very cleverly, Kelly showed file photos of murdered cops and other innocents killed by their bombs, and stressed the fact that together the victim policemen were fathers of nine children, all left fatherless by the bombings.

In other listeners less inclined to exploit the past, I suppose, she evoked the anger and hatred that existed back then for the perpetrators of those deadly bombings. They were just another nail in America's coffin.

The only thing clever about Kelly's interview, in fact, was that she omitted the underlying cause of the bombings: The needless deaths of 50,000 young American men and women in a war founded upon a lie (about a now-discredited attack by the North Vietnamese on a U.S. naval vessel in the South China Sea) that sought to maintain in power an evil and corrupt South Vietnamese dictator, Ngo Dinh Diem, amid a well-justified civil war waged against him by Communist revolutionaries from the north.

Neither did she mention that CIA documents later revealed the agency's complicity in the assassination of Diem that started in earnest the war's fatal denouement.

Today, bombarded with the right's messages from Hell, we are accustomed to big wars, deeply polarized political parties, a degenerate television culture and vicious and baseless criticism of our President.

Back then, following as it did the benevolent reigns of President John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the memory of happier days had only recently been diminished by the huge antiwar protests and the radical response to it of people like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.

Today, it's hard to imagine an entire generation of text-driven young people taking to the streets to stop our fruitless war in Afghanistan. They have never had to face a draft that threw them like kindling into the fires of a foolish war.

Just today, the Fox News crawl lines tell us of the death of a man high on "opiates" at a motel, whose cigarette caused a fire that killed four people. That is not setting off a new hue and cry among the marching masses - as it might have in the responsive Sixties - for the destruction of the Afghan poppy fields. That should happen before our departure from that theater of disaster.

To do so would save 15,000 lives a year here in America, and 150,000 around the world, but it is not even a topic of discussion anywhere in the Murdoch-ized media.

Only people drugged to the gills can fail to see the immense economic value of heroin to his network of radio, television, book, film, newspaper, magazine and Internet properties. Not only does it sustain his entertainers, but it also uses their untimely deaths to sell millions of treacly newspapers and gossip magazines.

Even more unlikely would be mass protests against our growing combination with Russia and Iran against the Sunni militants of ISIS. Instead, today's tabloid television opts for gross dramatization of the small crimes that conceal unimaginably greater ones, as publicity about the Weather Underground crimes once concealed the massive evil of the Vietnam War.

Before the bitterness and hatred she has encouraged has dug its trenches in her beautiful face, Megan Kelly will be celebrated on the right as the voice of "reason," while Ayers and his wife and the brave radicals who helped stop an unjust war are vilified, rewriting history for another, non-historically-minded generation that is too busy texting to notice.

When her beauty fades and her contract goes unrenewed, Kelly will have time to reflect, we hope, on the ultimate cost of her betrayal of the real truth.

More and more, I am finding myself moved by a spiritual spring of energy to rail against what is happening in America. It is tapped anew by each minute-by-minute attack on the President emanatng from Fix News.

Food prices are up "under Obama," a Fix anchor is saying now, blaming "Obamanomics" for it, while ignoring the role of giant oil companies that demand the right to exploit Iraq's vast oil reserves even at the the taxpayer expense of $2 trillion and 4,500 precious American lives. If oil is $120 a barrel and diesel is $5.50 a gallon or more, how can the prices of all the produce and other goods delivered to Walmarts across the country not go up?

The Fix anchors note a 100 percent increase in the price of gasoline - as though a simple vaporizer device they have never mentioned would not decrease gasoline usage by 50 percent - and as though the gasoline prices were not set by oil companies but by the President.

In the Fix worldview, the President sits down each morning and decides to raise the price of gasoline three or four cents just to ensure that Americans don't travel too far on the Fourth of July - all as part of a greater conspiracy to drive us all into FEMA concentration camps before his term ends in 2016.

"People on Main Street are fed up, they're mad and they're sick of this," says the Fix anchor, driving ever deeper the wedge between our leaders and our people.

That anger is then illustrated and encouraged by a news segment about a planeload of young immigrants from Guatemala and El Salvador who have been transpoted in buses to a Border Patrol facility in Murietta, Calif., for processing, reunion with their parents and possible deportation.

The three or four busloads of children coming from ther airport are met by several hundred white protestors who scream that the newcomers bring disease (six of the children were sick, including two with scabies, a virulent skin disorder) and must be sent back to Texas, where they last arrived. For Fix News, their deportation was a wonderful opportunity to exploit and sensationalize.

It was an ugly scene, fraught with danger for the immigrant children, the police and the protestors. Fix made it easy to imagine a few hundred Fix-inspired El Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha ("MS") gang members descending on the site from Los Angeles and attacking the protestors in defense of their kindred families and helpless children on the buses. The Fix News approach is to lionize the protestors and demonize the children; such has become their version of "the American way," but now a way to division and death.

Fix News, and the satanic Murdoch empire, has made these people sick. The ugly, insistent voices of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningaham (the "great American," he calls himself), Glenn Beck (who at least is occasionally contrite), Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter and Charles Krauthammer - a cripple who is crippling America - elevate hatred to a virtue, anger to an art and spur the forces of intolerance and insurrection.

Far worse than anything our paralyzed Congress can do, they keep that volcanic energy of change bottled up in a stew of festering resentment, jabbing it with needles day and night.

That way, Fix and Murdoch can be certain that when it does explode in our faces, it will somehow galvanize into a change of political parties in the U.S. Senate and the White House with huge benefits for the very rich, like Murdoch.

In fact, after the news segment, the Greta Van Susteren show gives 10 minutes of airtime to Steve Forbes to argue for "defunding" the Internal Revenue Service and adopting a "fair" tax in its place. All of this comes after the IRS blew the whistle on hundreds of tax-free political action committees that illegally bankrolled $200 million worth of ads and propaganda for right-wing candidates in the 2012 elections.

Murdoch and Greta will no doubt thereby inspire thousands of rapt Americans not to pay their taxes, helping to bankrupt our country and make its leaders unable to fulfill our Constitutional obligation to "promote the general welfare." For billionaires like Murdoch and the Koch brothers, that's something like Paradise.

These voices pray for deeper divisions among our people, for tax-paying whites to rise against ingrate blacks, for blacks and whites to rise against invading browns, and for all of us to fight, fight, fight and buy, buy, buy until the Apocalypse comes.

It's not a prayer that God is likely to answer as they hope He will, but it falls like sweet music upon the ears of Rupert Murdoch, the modern Machiavelli whose demonic influence - bought and paid for - is everywhere.

Joe Shea marched in the first antiwar protest at the White House as a high school sophomore in Mr. Holland's history class in 1964. Write him at editor@american-reporter.com.

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