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by Steven Travers
Ameriocan Reporter Correspondent
San Francisco, Calif.
January 22, 2006
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Osama bin Laden has released another tape, and it appears to me that he may not be the world's worst terrorist, but rather an actor hired by the Republican National Committee to promote George Bush's Presidency. At least it sure seems that way.

This guy keeps threatening to commit acts of terror on U.S. soil. The thinking American absorbs this knowledge, makes note of the fact that he has failed to do so, then arrives at the conclusion that President Bush has successfully prevented him from so doing, all to our great protection and benefit.

Then he offers another truce (he first offered one to the Europeans, now to the U.S.). The thinking American absorbs this knowledge as well, then makes note of the fact that he would not offer a truce unless he was winning the War on Terror.

A truce is better for bin Laden than losing the War on Terror. Bin Laden, sitting in a cave with a video camera but no phone, no computer, no command and control, is somewhere between losing the War on Terror and actually having already lost the War on Terror. He offers a truce in order to persuade those without a grasp of the truth to believe he is relevant and has not lost the War on Terror. Conclusion: President Bush has set in motion events that have already resulted in victory, and the fact that it is Total Victory will become apparent in due course.

Which leads to some more observations. Machiavelli theorized that people would rather be secure than free. He sold that idea to his patrons. It became an article of faith among despots and dictators, and is the driving force behind the movements that spawned Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Hussein.

Along came America, and the notion that security is more important than freedom was debunked, which is of course the rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The U.S. mission, which was to loose the power and good works of democracy and freedom upon the Middle East, is somewhere between accomplished and close to accomplished.

Which leads back to bin Laden and the question, What was he trying to accomplish? Before answering that question, consider history. For lack of a better "person," say that Satan crucified Christ so that Mankind would be his. The opposite happened. Mankind instead had its sins paid for by Christ, thus saving Mankind from Satan.

Fast forward to the American Confederacy. They started the Civil War to ensure the continuance of slavery and to secede from the Union. The opposite happened. Slavery ended and the South was made the Union's step-child.

Kaiser Wilhelm tried to consolidate Europe and create a trans-Russian Empire in conjunction with the Ottoman Middle East. The opposite happened. Germany was marginalized, Europe fragmented, Russia went Communist, the British Empire allowed to continue just when it appeared ready to dissolve, and the Ottomon Empire ended.

Hitler wanted to conquer the world and destroy the Jews. The opposite happened. America, instead of Germany, became the most powerful empire in the history of civilzation, and Israel, in answer to Biblical prophesy, emerged.

Back to bin Laden and what he tried to accomplish on 9/11: Bring America to its knees, destroy our way oif life, "free" the Middle East from Western influence. Hmm, let's see. On our knees? American came together in a manner not seen since World War II.

Our way of life? A month after the World Trade Center attacks capacity crowds were livin' it up at a World Series in Yankee Stadium, which was in fact when the War on Terror was actually won and when bin Laden, upon hearing the news, surely realized that all he tried to do was for nothing (would have LOVED to have seen his face when he saw the images of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and President Bush tossing out the first balls at the Yankee-Diamondback games of '01).

"Free" the Middle East from Western influence? Well, having the 101st and 82nd Airborne, the CIA, Navy SEALS, Delta, Special Ops, U.S. diplomats and Halliburton crawling from end one of Afghanistan to the other end of Iraq, with Syria, Iran and Lebanon next on the agenda, all while 70 percent of the Arab population of free will votes in elections that, for all practical purposes, tell the world that they are happy we are there, all add up to one thing:

The very polar opposite of every single possible thing that Osama bin Laden wanted to accomplish is what actually was accomplished. Courtesy, as Toby Keith might call it, of the Red, White and Blue.

Conclusion of this history lesson: There is good and there is evil. America is on the side of good, and good triumphs over evil. When Mr. Bush declared that Iraq, Iran and North Korea were the "Axis of Evil," he spoke Truth to Power. One is either with us or against us. To be against us is to be against the winning side of 2,000 years of history.

This is, frankly, not even an argument anymore. In a free world, one can argue against this premise, which leads those with access to facts observing the promoter of that argument and making silent note of the fact that to do so is to be an idiot on the wrong side of history.

Res Ipsa Loquitur. "The thing speaks for itself.

Fight on!

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