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by Patrick Osio, Jr.
American Reporter Correspondent
Los Angeles, Calif.
October 20, 2005
American Opinion

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LOS ANGELES -- Are there still some Americans who believe that the immigration issues on our southern border are primarily about national security? Or that statements calling for defending "national sovereignty" are due to fears we are losing our nation's independence? Fortunately, evidence indicates that those of such mind are a small minority, but are capable of attracting the most media attention.

Unfortunately the attention the "national-security" and "sovereignty" advocates receive clouds the issues, delays solutions and prolongs the agony. They hang their hat on the one fact the vast majority of Americans do agree - illegal immigration must stop.

Using this as their basis for their other contentions they darken the landscape with myths they wish to believe; present them as fact - and where evidence does not support their "facts," simply invent supporting data - which others in their groups use as evidence. So they feed unto themselves with nothing more than figments of their imagination based on personal prejudices and individual or organizational self-interest.

There are hidden agendas for the attacks that as the main basis have to do with the high number of brown-skinned people of a different culture and language entering and living among us be they multi-generation American citizens or legal residents - the paranoia that America is turning brown. And this, my friends, is racism, despite denial to the contrary.

Mexicans and Latin Americans entering America illegally provide the perfect cover for racists to practice their sin under the guise of "patriotism" and a quest for "justice" and "adherence to law." Illegal immigration has freed them from the otherwise political correctness and civil rights laws that would otherwise restrain their activities.

How else to justify American civilians prancing along the U.S.-Mexican border armed with bats, machetes, rifles, shotguns and sidearms under the guise of "protecting our border," supposedly armed only for "self defense?" In other words, if a would-be gardener refuses to stop, they are open game. or as one such racist asked in one of their closed training sessions, "Can we shoot them?"

And what does stopping illegal immigration today have to do with calling for the repeal of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965? Nothing, but it has a lot to do with stopping national diversity by stopping any further legal immigration from Third World countries.

Georgie Anne Geyer, a darling columnist apostle for the whitening of America, on Oct. 4 wrote a very telling article, "Immigration: The elephant in America's living room." In a speech by Steven Gillon at the annual meeting of the anti-immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which she also attended, Gillon said, "Before 1965, 95 percent of the new immigrants had come from Europe. After 1965, 95 percent came from the Third World."

Geyer then explained, "What the bill did was to take quotas away from mostly Europeans (until then, immigrants were taken according to their percentage of the American people) and open immigration to Asia and the rest of the Third World."

Geyer adds, "Dan Stein, the talented president of FAIR, turned to me and asked: "How, in the wake of the London bombings by children of immigrants, can there be no discussion of immigration in this country? ... The bombings were a signal being sent to all of us that something is profoundly wrong in denigrating our heritage to the point where the children of immigrants are being raised to hate us."

The above is an obvious attempt at creating suspicion and fear of non-white immigrants and their children, while conveniently repressing the fact that the only "children of immigrants" guilty of terrorism are Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Oklahoma bombers, and Eric Rudolph, abortion clinic and Olympic bomber, both white, middle-class Americans.

This should not be surprising, as FAIR's Stein has warned "that certain immigrant groups are engaged in 'competitive breeding' aimed at diminishing white power. Or how about the comment from another of FAIR's board members, Garrett Hardin, that aiding starving Africans is counterproductive and will only "encourage population growth."

It should be clearer that for some of the nation's loudest voices, illegal immigration is not the issue - it is simply about keeping out non-white people, and diminishing those already here.

Patrick Osio, Jr., is Editor of HispanicVista.com (www.hispanicvista.com. Contact him at Posiojr@hispanic.sdcoxmail.com.

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