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by Vance McDonald
American Reporter Correspondent
Austin, Texas
July 27, 2005
The Right Side

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AU.TIN, Texas -- In December 1941, America and the free world faced the terrible specter of total war emanating from Germany and Japan. On Sept. 11t, 2001, America and the free world had an identical experience.

On that infamous Fall day the black forces of Islamist fascism attacked the heart of civilization in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. We recently witnessed another deadly assault from our Islamist enemies when London was twice attacked.

Our predecessors squarely faced the need for war to destroy the tyrannies of Germany and Japan. Sadly, we have not been as lucid. Unlike the united resolve of the American and British people who faced the German and Japanese barbarians in 1941, the current generation of English-speaking peoples display signs of a malignant moral ambiguity.

As time has passed since Sept. 11, we have slouched toward denial of the true evil nature and deadly intentions of our Islamist enemies. The latest attacks on London must stand as a clear indicator of reality. We are at war with millions of Islamist fascists whether we acknowledge it or not. We must attain an atavistic moral perspective and pledge ourselves to the total destruction of Islamist fascism as our ancestors committed to defeating Germany and Japan in World War II.

Denial of the mortal threat to civilization posed by Islamist fascism is not acceptable. Failure to relegate this barbaric and tyrannical ideology to the sewer of history is not an option. We must pull together. Conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats and all of our countrymen must resolve to defeat Islamist fascism and spread liberty throughout the world. Moreover, let us call on all good and decent Muslims to bravely step forward to reform their religion and to thoroughly condemn the horrific virus of Islamist fascism that infect their proud theology.

We had better get our heads straight. The millions of current followers of Islamist fascism have been indoctrinated since birth with a putrid hatred of pluralism, free thought and tolerance. They despise modernity and civilization. They love death. This ideological venom has the added lethality of legitimizing resentment and envy. They would murder Jews, Americans, Britons and all others they judge as infidels. They would return humanity to an 8th Century existence. They would annihilate freedom.

Osama bin-Laden and his al-Qaeda "orcs," the Iranian mullahs and their SS-like storm troopers, and millions of their anonymous Islamic ilk in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan - indeed, throughout the Middle East and Central Asia - are strenuously attempting to acquire nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry to commit genocide against the civilized world. We must accept that they have the capability to achieve their malevolent goal. We must defeat Islamist fascism now otherwise posterity faces a bleak future. The Islamist tyrants and their virulent devotees will stop at nothing until they obliterate the free world and establish a premodern worldwide Islamist theocracy.

German Naziism and Japanese Imperialism as well as Russian and Chinese communism were mortal threats to civilization. Islamist fascism is no less a plague. Thankfully, the righteous indignation and resolve of a moral, clear-thinking citizenry in America, Britain and the free world rose to defeat the minions of those genocidal ideologies. We must be equal to the task in our own righteous indignation to destroy Islamist fascism.

The great English statesman Edmund Burke famously proclaimed that "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Those profound words have never been more cogent. No civilized person relishes war to solve cultural strife. However, there are times when it is necessary. This is regrettably one of those times when war is the only answer.

The Islamist fascist oppressors and their ilk would take humanity back to a premodern social order. It would be an existence in which women would be treated as subhuman, and nonbelievers condemned as infidels to be enslaved or exterminated. It would be a world where good men did nothing and evil triumphed. This cannot be. Let us stand today for the defeat of Islamist fascism and the victory of freedom.

Vance McDonald is a social and political commentator living in Austin, Texas. Write him at libertyjournal@aol.com.

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