Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Constance Daley
American Reporter Correspondent
St. Simons Island, Ga.
Hominy & Hash

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ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. - The answer to that question is easy; when the prostitute is addressed as Mr. President. There is an analogy here and I won't keep you waiting for it to show up. Instead, I'll tell you the old story that reveals this sage truth.

A wise man asked a refined suburban woman if she would consider committing adultery for ten million dollars. She paused, she pondered, she thought of what that amount of money could mean for her and her family - and no one would know, of course, she could do it, after all - so, she said quite honestly, "yes, given the circumstances, I would do that."

The wise man then asked if she would commit adultery for $2.00?

"Certainly not," she fumed. "Just what do you think I am?"

He looked at her and said, "But, my dear, we have already decided that. We are merely haggling over the price."

Mr. President was asked swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ... so help him. God. And, he swore he would. Before the entire world, he looked into the camera and said: "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski."

Well, they prodded and they probed and Mr. President faced impeachment charges based upon his perjured testimony. And, he let them do what they had to do but he had told his story and he was sticking to it.

President William Jefferson Clinton left office with a 71% approval rating. Not my approval, but 71% of those polled said he did a good job. That's what the Gallop Poll announced. The entire scandal came down to believing it was a moral issue, that it was just about sex. I wrote at the time it wasn't about sex, it was about nobody's business. But, then he lied .... Big mistake.

That's pretty much how it played out and today Monica has simply been relegated to those annals where Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice Davies, Paula Jones, Heidi Fleiss, Amy Fisher, Pat Ward, the Mayflower Madame, and the Teapot Dome tart might sit around a table playing "one-upsmanship" as they argue over which one brought down the man sitting on the highest rung on the ladder of success. Clinton couldn't tell the truth, not even after his fervent swearing with "so help me God," until, yes, until the price was right.

Ah, that's the ticket! Money. We personally paid $70,000,000 to get to the truth and we got nowhere. He lied. We already sensed he was an opportunist when it came to sexually groping or being groped, we just wanted to hear him say it was inappropriate behavior in the Oval Office.

We weren't even calling for him to clean up his act. That was his personal business. The Oval Office is ours. His secretary should have said: "With all due respect, Mr. President, get a room!"

Then, along came a publisher who reminded Mr. Clinton that with all his legal fees, he ought to write a book about his presidency and tell the whole story. I imagine the conversation went like this, based on his forthrightness during this whirlwind book tour:

"Tell me, Bill, why did you do it?"

"Because I could," (chuckle).

The publisher knew immediately that this book would be worth $10,000,000 because Americans (read the whole world) really would like to know why a man in his position would take such a chance. Too bad he tipped his hand by saying that in interviews. That would be all I'd want to know; so, no need to buy the book.

"Because I could." So shallow, so unfeeling, so self serving. If he had said he lost his head, he got lost in the sparkle of her eyes, he wanted to feel her long luxurious black hair against his face, he loved her, he truly loved her. Of course that's incongruous, but I'm a romantic and would prefer to believe that pretty, bouncy, flirtatious Monica charmed him beyond reason.

He did it because he could. Why did he pardon people his last day in office? Because he could. Why did he take things from the White House that last day? Because he could.

The New York Times called the book sloppy drivel ... self serving. I'll see him in interviews and catch the story as I know it will unfold. The guest list at the publisher's posh book announcement party was very impressive; Bill wore a powder blue satin tie while Hillary wore a very tasteful, pink suit - pink and blue, we go together.

Senator Clinton introduced her family in this way: "This is my daughter, Chelsea, and this is my Constituent, Bill." Amusing? Perhaps. I rather think she has relegated him to that position in her affections ... one would hope.

Gallup offered the latest poll on how we feel Clinton was as our President. 31% report he was above average; 38% report he was below average. The drop from 71% is merely what happens when time passes and people have time to reflect.

So, is there no appreciable difference between William Jefferson Clinton and a prostitute? Yes, there is. A prostitute goes out and gets her customers and asks what they want. With Clinton, both the bimbos and the publisher went to him. Giving them what they want, if it's something he'd like to give and can give, well, that was his call.

They got what they wanted out of him, for sure, and he gave it - in his own words: "Because I could."

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