Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
December 15, 2003
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WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2003, 9:50am -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, the symbol of his country's diplomacy as well as the diversity of its leadership, will undergo surgery for prostate cancer at Walter Reed Army Meeical Center in Washington today, MSNBC reported.

Powell, 66, reportedly told President George W. Bush of his scheduled surgery two weeks ago. He learned early this year of the presence of cancer. The nation's first black Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff from 1989-1993, Powell is expected to recover without complications.

The cancer "is not life-threatening," a spokesman for Powell told Reuters.

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