Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Harvella Jones
American Reporter Correspondent
Houston, Texas
October 24, 2003

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HOUSTON - Frustrated by laws that allow Texas homeowner's associations to foreclose on member's homes and condos for trivial violations of rules, the Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group is circulating a national petition to permanently stop them everywhere in the country.

Homeowners must be educated to protect their property. Many are unaware when they buy their property that the developer has a foreclosable lien on it that runs with the land and supersedes any decision at closing to join or not join the homeowner's association, or HOA.

Hidden in the covenants, this lien can be executed for nonpayment of maintenance fees or - in many cases - for various deed restriction violations, such as failure to mow lawns, installing the wrong mailbox, or even flying the American flag. The Texas Homeowner's Advocate Group believes this is still a country where Americans can choose to be part of a HOA and whether we want our home foreclosed by our neighborhood association for failure to follow all its rules. In the early days of the last century, land-grabbers usurped property on a daily basis. There were plenty of bells and whistles then, so people at least knew they were losing their property. Fast forward to the 21st Century, when our property can be seized through high-tech extortion methods used by neighborhood boards and attorneys. These methods catch many off guard, and sometimes end up in the news. Visit our Website at http://www.stoptexashoaforeclosures.com and click on "petition" to sign this document so we can begin to take back our property rights and make the major decisions about our property at the closing. It is not too late to get back control of our homes and our lives, but we must hurry.

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