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Bradenton, Fla.
July 22, 2003
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BRADENTON, Fla., 12:25 A.M., July 22, 2003 -- NBC News is reporting that Saddam Hussein's relatives or sons may have been killed in a confrontation with U.S. forces in the northern city of Mosul this morning. Reuters reported the two men and one of their sons, a 14-year-old, may have been among those hiding out in a large villa in the city. [Later, Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez told reporters that both Uday and Qusay had been killed in the raid.]

The New York Times reported that intelligences sources told the paper initially that the men had been captured alive, and that other intelligence sources later said they may have been among five Iraqis killed as the villa was stormed by ground and air. It was unclear if they were killed during the battle.

Reuters said that one Iraqi was killed and five were injured in the fight, but NBC said that U.S. intelligence officials have told them there is an "80 percent chance" two bodies found in the burned-out villa were those of Saddam's sons - both "aces" in the deck of cards representing senior Iraqi leaders the United States is trying to detain.

There was no confirmation of the capture or death of either Uday Hussein or Qusay Hussein, however.

"Individuals of very high interest to the coalition forces were hiding out in the building," Lt. Col. William Bishop of the 101st Airborne Division told the Reuters news service.

On Wall Street, market traders reacted sharply to the news, which fell short of being definitive. The Dow Jones Industrial Index was down 25 points at 11:23am EST, but rallied sharply when the news reached the trading floor and stood up nearly 60 points at 12:25pm EST.

Europeans markets, which closed shortly after first news of the possible capture or death trickled in, were slightly higher.

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