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Rev. Carmine Vairo
American Reporter Reader
Rosemead, Calif.
July 22, 2007
To The Editor

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ROSEMEAD, Calif. -- Unfortunately, Shirley Slesinger Lasswell (July 10, 2007, "The $15-Billion Woman," by Joe Shea) has become synonymous with ongoing litigation with the Disney empire, but Shirley, also known as "the Pooh Lady," spent her lifework and money on behalf of children's' causes.

Her love for kids knew no bounds. She supported efforts to help at risk children with special needs, kids from problematic backgrounds, gang kids whose talents often went unnoticed, Asian kids who were overworked and underpaid, programs that reunited children held in county children services with their families, at risk city kids who she introduced to programs in animal husbandry.

Shirley initiated programs that brought the older and younger generation together by having school classes adopt grandmothers who visited their classes and told stories. She had a great love and respect for "the boys" in uniform. She lived her USO days throughout her life supporting our American troops and the local Police and Fire Departments.

Education meant everything to Shirley. She made every effort to help children know the value of a good education by making sure that they were able to access good reading material from an early age. She supported and helped build libraries that represent the pursuit of learning in a community.

Her love for nature and the environment led to a special concern for and support of the Indian Nations and Native Americans. Her deep conviction to help the underprivileged was instrumental in her efforts to assist in establishing and supporting women's shelters.

Shirley's life was a reflection of her own advice to all of us, "take good care of each other"!

Thank you, Shirley Slesinger Lasswell, for a life lived in service to others.

Rev. Carmine Vairo
St. Joseph's Salesian Youth Renewal Center
Rosemead, Calif.
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