Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Mariana Babayan
American Reporter Reader
Los Angeles,Calif.
April 26, 2001
To The Editor

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LOS ANGELES -- Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to write this beautiful article ("Curing the Chechen Madness," by Joe Shea, AR No. 1572). It is truly very painful to see the United States looking at a conflict like this with negligent views.

The Armenian genocide was the first to take place in the 20th Century. However, it seems as though it has been left aside, and has been waiting patiently for 86 years, still at the end of the line. Thank you. I wish you all the very best to you in the future. God bless you!


Mariana Babayan

Los Angeles, Calif.
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