Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Joe Shea
American Reporter Correspondent
Hollywood, Calif.
April 25, 2001

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LOS ANGELES -- An email news briefing distributed Wednesday by the Los Angeles Police Commission may have left some people thinking the City of Angels is becoming a city of carnage with a murder rate that has climbed 100 percent in a single year.

The briefing was in error, an embarrassed Police Commission secretary said Wednesday afternoon.

"Thank you for catching that," said Tammie Katana, who had included the errant statistic in an email briefing that goes out to media and community leaders the day after each regularly scheduled commission meeting. The email briefing had reported (erroneously):

"Deputy Chief Bostic announced that there are approximately 3.3% more violent crimes this year compared to this time last year. There are 236 homicides this year compared to 118 at this time last year. Last weekend the Harbor Area sponsored 'Walk Against Crime,' which was very successful. The Department hopes to have similar events in all Areas."

The errant statistic was not part of the commission's regular briefing at its Tuesday meeting, usually provided by police chief Bernard C. Parks. Parks' role was played Tuesday by Deputy Chief Mike Bostic, the police officer who trained recruits now patrolling the dangerous streets of Kosovo. Bostic was unavailable for comment, his office said Wednesday afternoon, but a staff member said the statistics had come from the office of the Chief of Police.

The LAPD's busy Web site, www.lapdonline.org, also provides crime statistics, which show that as of April 14, 2001, murders were up 11.8 percent, from 110 on April 14 last year to 123 this year. That is about one murder per day.

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