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by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
October 30, 2011
Reporting: Science

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BRADENTON, Fla., Oct. 30, 2011 -- If you went to Google tonight and searched for the terms "E Cat Rossi Associated Press" you'd get 1,430,000 results from blogs, Web sites and magazines like Wired.com (UK edition). That number will grow.

Most are about how an Associated Press reporter attended the demonstration of a device - as the exclusive media person present during the whole test - that proceeded to generate 475,000 watts of power continuously for five hours with no input and just its secret Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device - a cold fusion reactor, in plain terms - providing power for the people who need it most - this world's billions of poor and hungry human beings.

AP Science writer Peter Svensson with Peswiki founder Sterling Allen at the workshops of Italian inventor and electrical engineer Andrea Rossi in Bologna, Italy. They were at Friday's final demonstration of a 1mW cold fusion reactor that generated 470Kw of energy without any power input. Svensson had exclusive access during the test. The AP is sitting on the story, Joe Shea suspects. Photo: Sterling Allan/Peswiki

There is substantial skepticism about Rossi and the reactor, and one critic has noted the inventor has had several brushes with the law over get-rich-quick schemes, the latest in the '90s, but always got short sentences and never went to jail. He would not be the first important inventor with an arrest record.

At the demonstration on this past Friday, Oct. 28, there was a large generator outside his workshop with cables running into the room where the demonstration was conducted. Rossi has explained to Pewwiki founder Sterling Allan that it was "absolutely cold" and I speculate that he was talking about in the workshop, and the generator was needed for heat in the fairly large space (the E Cat produces only steam usable for a turbine). Most of the videos of the demonstration show Rossi in a thin blue dress shirt, and one person present told me tonight it was "quite chilly" at the event. Most people are wearing jackets or sweaters inside, and that seems a plausible explanation. The A.P. has not yet reported anything, so we remain at least partly in the dark.

In the video at left, below, the sound of the generator is heard throughout, while the E Cat actually operates in complete silence. Touching it, I'm told, once can feel something bubblinside - apparently boiling water that makes the steam that is measured as output.
The Event: Rossi E Cat Demo
Live Demo of 1mW Cold Fusion Reactor

Update, Oct. 31, 2011, 12:56am In addition, Rossi responded to The American Reporter by email Sunday, saying (and please note that he writes English fairly well but not perfectly), "Thank you for your question," he said. "The power generator supplied not only the energy to the resistances of the reactors, but also to: water pumps [as?] dissipators of energy. The genset has been maintained in operation to re-circulate the water and to dissipate the heat. The amount of energy to these services has been accounted for separately, because of course it does not affect the efficiency of the reactors."

As for the crimes, I confess that I have been convicted of far worse and have gone to county jail once, at age 16. At the same time, I've been on Page 1 in the Reader's Digest (March 1968), was invited to the White House to see the President, took the Brazilian Ambasador to dinner, was on the Hollywood LAPD Community-Police Advisory Board and also won a landmark Supreme Court First Amendment case, Shea v. Reno; I go to church every Sunday and try very hard to be a good person.

Under the circumstances that have prevailed in Rossi's life, I can see how desperation might drive a brilliant man to finagle for wealth in ways the courts always forgave. They forgave me for breaking into a cigarette machine, too, and Gov. Henry Bellmon pardoned me when I was 19. With 30 others, I invented serious journalism on the Internet, which is no small thing, when we began the American Reporter in 1995.

This man, identified as Domenico Fioravanti, acted on behalf of the buyer in the transaction that purchased the 1mW E Cat reactor for an unknown price and trucked it away. An Olympic gold medalist shares the same name. A printed signature on the transaction document was crossed out but still partly visible. It seemed to spell the abbreviation for "Colonel." Photo: Matt Lewans/NyTeknik

Perhaps, like me, Rossi is a different man today. His scientific colleagues and supporters are legion, and they seem to think so. There have been no entries for Rossi in the police blotter since 1997, 14 years ago, according to his major critic, who admits he is paid for his work but will not say who pays. No one pays for our work except Google AdSense, the Benson County Farmer's News and the Progressive Populist.

But I suspect the world will wait a long time for the A.P. story. It appears, at least, that we've all been cheated of progress once again. The test was for a customer - his first name was "Colonel" - who immediately hooked up the 20-ft container it was placed in and drove it away. It is the A.P., after all, with its thousands of news outlets around the globe, which can really tell the world what has happened

Ironically, now just a day later, 1.7 million people are without power in the blizzard hitting the Northeast, the New York Times reports. It has no story on the Rossi device as a home heater because the AP didn't write one yet. After you purchase it, the Rossi device, which is intended for homes and factories, will supply electricity for free forever. The Internet gave the U.S. economy a helluva jolt, but the E Cat would also keep 1.7 million people - an awful lot of broke families and hungry children among them - from shivering through this long cold night.

The technology has been vetted by people as diverse as scientists of U.S. Navy space and warfare division, NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell, Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson, the chairman of the energy committee of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences - who helps name the Nobel Prize winner in several sciences - and even the head of the Swedish Skeptics Society, there has not been a peep out of the A.P. since.

Update, 12/05/2011 Three PowerPoint representations have been added at the end of this article in the form of Adobe .pdf slides. They are a work product of a Sept. 22, 2011 meeting at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, in advance of the Oct. 28 demonstration. Together, they show how much interest three top scientists at NASA really have in the E Cat and hydrino devices.

This reporter, in fact, was warned by someone named Jerome on its national desk in the early hours of Saturday morning not to be too quick to believe an A.P. Reporter was there - although his name, Peter Svensson, and picture with other journalists appears on some of those sites tonight - and I was criticized for "driving A.P. coverage" of the event..
Update 11/8: Bloomberg News Scoops AP on E Cat
Coverage of Rossi Reactor

Since the E Cat is just as important as the invention of the radio, the Internet, the light bulb and the atom bomb, and since - as DOE spokesman Sean Murphy told reporters in 2009 about the device's fundamental element, hydrogen - so it can completely replace oil by 2050, this reporter thought he was doing the A.P. a favor when he called up their national desk and told them about it just 30 hours or so before the test. The seriousness with which NASA takes the E Cat is evident in these slides prepared by three top NASA scientists, including NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell, for the secret Sept. 22, 2011 meeting devoted to Rossi's work (a month ahead of the Bologna demonstration on Oct. 28) and similar science:


Even the fact that the test was performed for an unidentified customer whose representative, a man named Domenico Fioravanti, immediately bought and paid #2 million after the demonstration for it, has not persuaded the A.P. to risk shame, scorn and the rage of oil companies to do its job and report on what it sent its science writer to see. The mysterious Colonel is not the guy who will do that.

Associated Press Science Editor Kit Frieden (kfrieden@ap.org) didn't answer her phone when we called, but I'll will bet you dollars to donuts 1,500 calls from A.P. members would not get her to budge.

"There are no conspiracies," an A.P. editor in London told me. We sure wonder. The reporter himself has blamed the lack of press on the scientist, Rossi, who is apparently a difficult guy to get along with. Remember this, inventors: cultivate a winning personality before you save the world with your invention, or it will die on the vine for lack of attention.

Murphy was not talking about cold fusion, then, just about hydrogen and how it will erode the trillions of dollars earned and billions in profits on which they pay they pay little or no tax.

The device that can do that, scientists and science writers and many more believe, is the cold fusion marvel Italian electrical engineer Andrea Rossi demonstrated all day long on Friday, before about 30 of them. When he immediately sold it, the University of Bologna in Italy, one of the oldest universities in the world, became the site of one of the greatest inventions in world history.

Even though it was my 3 a.m. call that got the A.P. writer sent to the demonstration, I have no stake other than the deep public interest in any part of it. My stake is humanity's stake: freedom from oil and all the loss, wars and terror it creates.

Please do your part to make certain the world finds out. NASA Slides:


These slide were made available by Steven Krivit of New">http://www.newenergytimes.com">New Energy Times.com, who has recently become a severe critic of Rossi and the E Cat.

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