Vol. 22, No. 5,514 - The American Reporter - September 7, 2016

by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
June 17, 2015
Campaign 2016

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Don Lemon, anchor of afternoon news on CNN, ran a clip of Donald Trump's announcement of his candidacy for President, and as it ended the camera came back to Lemon - in a full-blown burst of laughter. In the media, that was the response of lots of people.

But can we afford to laugh at Donald Trump? After his announcement Tueday morning, I thought not. As he tells it, America is in a heap of financial trouble that only he among the many GOP candidates can strasighten out.

And given that none of the other candidates have any substantial experience in Trump's high-finance world, he may be right.

With his luxury hotels and big Manhattan flagship `1```` /, he makes Marco Rubio's vaunted $88,000 speedboat look like a toy sailboat in a Central Park pond. And he doesn't have any speeding tickets.

Which of these 12 or so GOP candidates have comparable experience in trade with China, Japan and other big trade partners - and who is as willing to play rough to recapture American jobs and manufacturing from the Far East and Europe and Latin America?

And who else dares to speak in such openly aggressive terms about trade partners like Mexico, China and Japan? Who else is going to say exactly what they'll do about Ford building a $2.5 billion factory in Mexico?

Trump may not sound right to some, but my guess is that millions of Americans will buy into his head-on approach to restore the American Dream.

Let's get real: Trump is giving a loud and capable voice to the real gripes of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Should we applaud currency manipulation by China that has cost American manufacturers untold sums - and their workers their jobs?

Should we praise Mexico for sending millions of people across our borders ilegally, while doing nothing to stop the flow?

Should we sympathize with ISIS, now that a would-be President Trump has them in his sights, prepared to shoot?

What's wrong with having a superb negotiator in the White House?

Should we kiss up to Japan, another currency manipulator, where GM sold only 700 cars in 2009, but sends millions of their cars - and makes billions - to America?

What is so funny about Donald Trump?

For many in the media, he's a big, easy target. He may or may not wear a toupee, but he wouldn't be the first President to do so.

But the real problem the media and the GOP has with Donald Trump is that he says things they won't, without apology and very clearly.

Is there someone else out there who thinks we get a good deal from China, or Japan, or Mexico? So, why is it so hard to find a politician who shouts those gripes with absolute clarity7

When Trump wins his first primary - which will be hard to do with only his own $100 million committed to the race, when Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are likely to spend $1 billion each to win - the laughing is likely to stop. His first win may be in the heartland of his fans, South Carolina.

Ironically, though, since Trump said in Tuesday's speech that he is able to mount a Website for $3 each, his campaign apparently has an expensive-looking one at https://www.donaldjtrump.com/, a quick Google search revealed.

Donald Trump is not a loser; he's no paragon of political virtue, either, but believe me, Americans are listening as Don Lemon laughs.

Joe Shea is Editor-in-Chief of The American Reporter, which he founded with 30 other journalist in April, 1995.

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