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by Laura Goodhue
Planned Parenthood Florida
Tallahassee, Fla.
August 6, 2015

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TALLAHASSE, Fla. -- (Editor's Note) In reponding to widespread criticism, a spokesperson for Florida-based affiliates of Planned Parenthood, Laura Goodhue, issued the following statement:

"I can state unequivocally that all of our health centers are operating in full compliance with Florida law as well as best practices in reproductive health care. The claim that any of our health centers are performing procedures we are not licensed to perform is false and seemingly stems from AHCA flip-flopping on their own rules and definitions of gestational periods.

"In the health centers AHCA reported on we only perform first trimester abortions, which we measure according to accepted medical guidelines and in accordance with Florida regulations as up to 13 weeks and six days from a woman'Ůs last menstrual cycle. This, as defined by guidelines and in accordance with Florida regulations as up to 13 weeks and six days from a woman'Ůs last menstrual cycle. This, as defined by rules, is still the first trimester. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) has never before indicated any different interpretation of this - including at inspections performed as recently as two weeks ago.

"AHCA's new interpretation is grossly inconsistent with years of previous inspections and outside of both the regulations and accepted medical standards.

"Planned Parenthood is the most trusted women'Ůs health care provider in this country, and we have provided high-quality care for nearly 100 years. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients, which is why we will continue to fight back and call these attacks what they are -- part of a decade-long campaign of deceiving the public, making false charges, and terrorizing women and their doctors, all in order to ban abortion and cut women off from care at Planned Parenthood.

"This is a transparent attempt to discredit the care we provide, and to prevent women from accessing essential health care services. In 34 percent of Florida's counties, women don't even have an OB/GYN. In fact, Gov. Scott signed five pieces of anti-women's health legislation intoblaw during his first term in office, and it's outrageous he's using what should be routine inspections as an opportunistic way to further restrict women's access to health care."


"Planned Parenthood's rigorous medical standards and guidelines are informed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Society for Family Planning, other professional organizations and published literature.

"At the federal and state levels, there are multiple agencies that oversee and regulate Planned Parenthood health care providers, and we don't stop there. Planned Parenthood health centers go through an accreditation process, with rigorous standards, regular review and inspections, and ongoing training. We constantly evaluate new research in the field, new recommendations from medical associations, new technologies, and feedback from patients, experts, and regulators to continually improve our practices."

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