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by Joe Shea
American Reporter Correspondent
Bradenton, Fla.
September 8, 2009
The Willies

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BRADENTON, Fla., Sept. 8, 2009 -- When I was a kid growing up in the rock-ribbed Republican stronghold of Orange County, N.Y., we had a name for people who would start a movement to get kids not to listen to a Presidential address in their schoolrooms: "Communists."

Back then we believed in democracy and the idea that parties and presidents came and went, but we were all Americans under one and only one President of the United States. We believed that people who preached constitutional and federal dissent - as opposed to healthy political dissent - were divisive, evil and dangerous.

We were told the communists distorted the truth, lied to everyone, stole us blind, weakened our faith in America and damaged our unity as a people. They gnawed away at our national pride and patriotism, reducing our ability to stand as one and fight our enemies. Today, most of those people are called conservative Republicans. I like to call them communists. And it's not clear, other than the Triumvirate of talk-show hosts, who calls the shots; they all say the same things.

The President of the United States of Conservative Republicans is actually three people, Roman-style: President Rush Limbaugh, President Glenn Beck and President Sean Hannity, with the senior patricians of the U.S. Senate standing beside them. Admittedly, I would rather flush a stopped-up toilet 50 times than listen to any of them for more than three minutes, convinced as I am that they are the leading edge of Communist China's spear-thrust into America's democratic heart. Yeah.

They and their patricians, the secessionist Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, dumb Bill O'Reilly, satanic Michael Savage, the angry Sean Hannity and stupid Mark Schnitt, offer us their bizarre version of America: if you don't like the laws, you don't follow them; if you don't like the country, you secede; and if you don't like the President of the United States you eventually whip up enough hatred to inspire some off-the-rails lunatic to shoot him.

They are assassins of truth, of character, and patriotism. They are manipulators, subverters and destroyers of American unity. They are evil, dangerous and divisive, and for 47 percent of Americans, apparently, they - but not the President of the United States - are all right for the kids to hear. And they don't use any big words. Sooner or later, their Perry puppets will multiply; other states will join Texas and secede.

In the end, China, which owns nearly $800 billion in U.S. Treasury notes, a quarter of America's foreign debt, will gladly arm both sides in the Second American Civil War. In the interest of balance and harmony (and all that paper money), as our divided nation founders in violence, Chinese dollars will buy and install our new leadership.

On that day, all those inspired by Presidents Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity, Schnitt, Savage and O'Reilly will inherit the dust of civilization's greatest triumph, the long-running, hearty and wonderful constitutional democracy our parents and forefathers gave us. We'll remember it as a land where even a millionaire's son, a lying, inarticulate, drunk-driving, vote-stealing, ex-alcoholic and alleged deserter would never grow up and yet become an ex-President. And where even a honest black kid with a lot of brains would grow up to become editor of the Harvard Law Review, get elected to the Senate, come to lead the nation, and then be vilified 24 hours a day for his effort.

The ordinary men and women of the American continent, the workers and believers whose small farms, tiny shops and dirt roads over 233 years became huge agribusinesses, giant insurance, banking, health and corporate cartels, and a vast network of rails, highways, sea and air lanes, largely funded by Himalayan mountains of public debt, are betrayed by people who portray themselves as concerned Americans but work around the clock to divide and destroy us.

Soon, we will vote ourselves out of the free health care that two centuries of hard work have earned. We will forego a clean and safe environment for the nation we built, and throw away the meaningful education for our children that our own parents hoped for us. Tens of millions of Americans will instead lie in a bitter grave knowing all they worked for - their homes and jobs and children, their colleges, hospitals, industries and government - all belong to someone else.

Last week, 47 percent of Americans in a national poll told the GE network, NBC, that they would not permit their children's precious minds to be sullied by the words of the most eloquent American president since John F. Kennedy. At a meeting the other day, someone pointed out that this is not a cause but a symptom of America's unraveling democracy.

A little story: One afternoon a few years ago, I went down to the Clear Channel office in Sarasota to tape an interview with the BBC. Inside was a long, otherwise empty room where six or seven "stations," each in a small cubicle, were broadcasting Beck-Schnitt-Hannity CDs and other canned pap 24 hours a day, just as identical rooms all across the country do. There was a lone sound engineer working in a control room behind the first room, and no one else at all.

It was suddenly clear that we had opened up the American conversation to a few terribly wrong yet invisible, distant, incontrovertible, uncontestable, non-interruptible voices. In just a few years our centuries-old conversation about this democracy of ours had become a one-sided and deadly game played against us all.

Shouldn't we have expected this? We allow robotic radio stations to broadcast neo-communists like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity and silence every other voice in the political continuum.

Now, they dare to discredit the central institution of our democracy, the only one capable of leading and uniting us, the Presidency. They tell educators to turn off the President of the United States when he wants to urge children to stay in school and prepare themselves for good jobs and productive lives. To ensure the parents won't let their kids listen, they lie and say the President will indoctrinate their children in the ideas of Karl Marx.

You have to give credit to China for a highly effective long-term strategy to conquer us. This generation of kids won't listen to the real President when he calls on them to stay in school, get educated, and work to save themselves from a slave labor camp in a Chinese welfare state a few decades from now.

And a generation later, their kids won't listen to their parents or bosses or wives, to policemen, drill sergeants or pastors. Instead, they'll listen to the One Clear Channel day and night, to the lying voices of the fake Presidents, spouting the clever lines and invented angles produced for them by some giant literary boiler-room in Beijing. Go ahead. Make yourself a global mockery, America. Al-Qaeda will love it. Turn off the real President and tune out your heart: China's got your back, your brains, your jobs, your money and your gut.

Meanwhile, about the President's speech: Two kids from the small, mostly white suburban Bayshore High School in my quiet neighborhood were murdered here in separate incidents a month apart. They represent the reality the fake Presidents want to deny. No President can comfort their families today, but his speech may prevent revenge murders a few nights from now. The Superintendent of Schools, though, a steadfast Republican, assured parents their kids can opt out of what the President has to say: Stay in school. Get an education. Be careful. Care about one another.

Those kids, their precious young lives - one was an honor student and the other a top cheerleader - are the kind of price we pay when we turn our backs and choose not to listen to a man who knows.

Goodnight, and God bless America.

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