T H E     A M E R I C A N     R E P O R T E R

About the American Reporter

The American Reporter is a six-day-per week electronic daily newspaper owned by the writers whose work it features. The American Reporter was founded to give journalists around the world an opportunity to have a financial stake in their own work. Each story carried by The American Reporter earns equity for the correspondent in profits from advertising and subscriptions, and income when their stories sell to other newspapers.

The American Reporter was founded as part of a discussion that took place on the Society of Professional Journalists Internet discussion list. The American Reporter is not affiliated with the SPJ. The American Reporter has no political, corporate or other affiliation.

The American Reporter is published six times a week, Monday through Friday, with one weekend edition.

Special Note on Reprint Usage

To reprint American Reporter articles, you must purchase a commercial subscription to the American Reporter for $10 per month, plus pay the penny-per-word amount shown for each article. For $500 per month or $6,000 per year, you may purchase one-time publication rights to the entire contents of daily editions of the American Reporter. The monthly fee is payable by credit card, but the yearly fee must be paid by check.

For subscription, reprint, or advertising information, please contact Joe Shea, publisher of the American Reporter, at editor@american-reporter.com.

Privacy Policy

The American Reporter does not keep any identifying information for any visitors or subscribers, except information necessary to bill subscribers. We do not currently share information with anyone else. We will notify users and ensure they opt in before we make a change in this policy. The service we use to handle purchases, Authorize.Net, has told us it keeps information only for handling purchases and does not share information with anyone else.